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Newton Public Schools - Grade Level Curriculum

Grade Level Curriculum

 Standards-Based Curriculum in the Newton Public Schools means that: 

  • Expectations for learning are high for ALL students and developmentally appropriate.
  • Standards guide all classroom decisions in our full inclusion school system.
  • The focus is always on student learning - it is multicultural and actively anti-racist.
  • Effective instructional practices result in higher levels of achievement for all students.
  • Assessment outcomes are used to inform the teacher about the effectiveness of curricular and instructional decisions. 
  • Curriculum is aligned to state and national standards, and teachers have multiple opportunities to improve their practice through high-quality professional development.

K-8 Curriculum Overview PDFs 
Curriculum Overview Documents for Parents

"Your Child's Year in Grades K- 8"

Kindergarten Grade Three Grade Six
Grade One Grade Four Grade Seven
Grade Two Grade Five Grade Eight


Grade Level Benchmarks
(updated 8/26/14)

               Elementary                            Middle 

English Language Arts

First Grade

Fine Arts

Second Grade
History/Social Sciences
Third Grade
Instructional Technology/Library Media
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Physical Education, Health & Wellness
Science & Engineering/Technology
World Languages