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Newton Public Schools - Historical Events Timeline

Historical Events Timeline

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Columbus sails to the new world


Jamestown is founded
  First 20 Africans arrive in Jamestown as indentured servants
  Mayflower arrives in Plymouth
  First public school opens in Boston
Newton separates from Cambridge to become its own town
First mercury thermometer is invented by Gabriel Fahrenheit
  First school for black children opens in Philadelphia
  Boston Tea Party
  End of Revolution
    Constitution is written
    Massachusetts joins the Union
    George Washington elected president
    First vaccination for smallpox invented
Underground Railroad established by Levi Coffin
  Braille printing invented by Louis Braille
  Sewing machine invented
  Modern baseball field created by Alexander Joy Cartwright
Newton becomes a city
    Abraham Lincoln is elected president
    Henry R. Heyl invents the stapler
    Light bulb is perfected by Thomas Edison
    Fig Newton invented in Newton, MA by Charles M. Roser
Boston Americans won first modern World Series against Pittsburgh Pirates
  Fenway Park opens
  Lifesavers are invented by Clarence Crane
  Earl Dickson invents the Band Aid
    Silly Putty is invented by James Wright
    Slinky is invented by Richard James
    Frisbee is invented by Walter Fredrick Morrison and Warren Franscioni
    McDonald's is created by Ray Croc
    Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat
    Barbie doll is created
    John F. Kennedy is elected president
    Martin Luther King Jr.'s March on Washington
    First handheld calculator is invented
    Douglas Engelbart creates the computer mouse
    First video game is invented
    Playstation is invented
    Tim Berners-Lee creates the World Wide Web
iPod is created by Tony Fadell
  Toyota invents the hybrid car
  Red Sox win the World Series

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