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Newton Public Schools - Newton Central High School

Newton Central High School

Newton Central High School strives to meet the educational and therapeutic needs of students in grades 9 -12 who present with a wide range of significant emotional and/or behavioral and learning challenges.

Our Mission
Newton Central High School is a small, highly structured, therapeutic setting with a behavior management system built into the school day. The resources and support provided by the Newton Public Schools fosters an atmosphere of acceptance and an appreciation for diversity. This also reinforces the belief that all students can achieve academic and social success. These ideals constitute the core beliefs of the Newton Public Schools and are considered an integral part of Newton Central High School.

Newton Central High School’s mission is to create a safe and supportive environment for all students. 

Academic instruction is based on the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics, English, Science, and History/Social Studies. Students are expected to meet state and district graduation requirements. The opportunity to participate in mainstream education classes at both high schools for electives and Career and Technical Education is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Our Staff
The staff at Newton Central High School are special education teachers, directed by a special education administrator. The Newton Central staff strives to create a learning environment where students’ individual strengths and needs are addressed to lead to academic and emotional growth, and effective decision making. The staff works with students to help them take responsibility for their own behaviors and choices, and to make positive changes.

Clinical Services
Students at Newton Central High School have access to counseling services throughout the day, on an as-needed basis. Counseling support is also provided in 1:1 sessions and in small group settings. The adjustment counselor works closely with outside counselors as needed. These sessions focus on topics such as emotional regulation, decision-making skills, age- appropriate social skills, and independent living skills.